Why you shouldn't play games much?


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Ngan Cao Kim answered

Today, among the students as well as everyone, the game was so familiar, it became an extremely entertaining pastime. Along with the development of the speed of the game has surprised many people, it comes with the harms and shortcomings that make parents pay attention.

Playing games affects many mental health of players such as: Always feeling tired, feeling lost energy or resting difficulties due to prolonged and continuous gaming; bored, pessimistic, feeling lonely, insecure; losing interest in past hobbies, hobbies, things that focus only on games; easy to feel frustrated, irritable, easy to fight even small things; anti-relative tendency towards relatives or colleagues; Feel useless, redundant or at fault; the tendency to want violence or suicide; sleep disorders; anorexia, less appetite. The increased time in the virtual world affects the lives and relationships of players such as conflicts with family, friends, colleagues; drop out of school and unemployment; debt, mortgage, theft; Health effects (visual impairment, immunodeficiency, gastrointestinal disorders, sexual dysfunction

So let us limit playing games, we can play games to entertain after stressful working hours, but don't play too much will affect the lives and health of close friends

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