Working when others are sleeping?


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Chenny Bis answered

Hello today, we will discuss a saying together: "Working when others are sleeping?"

This is a pretty good saying that when I read it I thought of a lot of interesting things.Working when others are sleeping seems to be talking about people who work hard, always striving at work to have a successful future. As you can see in order to succeed, we need a lot of effort and trade-offs when you are young to succeed later. Success is never easy, not the luck that a person can succeed.They also have to work very hard as a normal employee and thanks to hard work and effort, they can succeed, but there are other views on this saying, such as a work day.

Now at the company was too tired. If you are tired, the remaining time should rest, relax and take care of yourself. 24 without a relaxing moment. Or talking about an unreasonable work arrangement that leads to you being stressed out at work.

So what does this sentence mean? Leave a comment below so we can analyze more about this saying.

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David Morales answered

It is one of the most deeply rooted phrases for Americans, it is one of the things that are usually present in life when we work continuously without rest. This phrase could be related to the implementation of a plan to achieve objectives in the short or medium term, which requires extra time, to achieve the goal early. Another conceptualization is heard in the avatars of finance. In this case, it addresses the way money works for us, "working while others sleep" refers to the placement of money in systems, which generate profitability, while we are sleeping. However, working while others sleep, meets particular conditions or reasons, to give a greater effort, generate daily will, have a spirit motivated to achievement, be an entrepreneur and maintain determination in the face of difficulties. Finally, it is an opportunity not to leave the activities for tomorrow, as a measure to reduce the delay.

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Майкл Галыш answered

I love to work when others are sleeping. Nobody distracts or interferes.

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