Why you should not shower too late?


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chiến cao answered

Cold rain at night is extremely harmful, so you need to avoid this bad habit again. Therefore, if you want to be in good health, people should avoid late night showers.

Affect blood circulation: Our bodies usually maintain a temperature of 37 degrees Celsius but the more the night, the temperature of the air will lower the water temperature. At this time, if you bathe in cold water, it is easy to cause vasoconstriction, thus obstructing the flow of blood and leading to diseases such as neck pain, headache ... in the long run will become a disease. Can not cure chronic, Causes colds in the lungs, Causes colds, high fever, Causes premature aging, Causes arthritis, Sudden death in the middle of the night and many other harmful effects.

So if we want to have a stable health, we should avoid showering at night, try to take advantage of time and shower early to stay healthy.

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