Why you should not stay up late?


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Đặng Trang answered

Many people have a habit of staying up late, which is an unhealthy habit. However, not everyone knows the harmful effects of staying up late on the body and skin like.

When staying up late, the body is more prone to lack of energy, the body gets tired and makes the body's resistance decrease. Therefore, people who stay up late are more likely to get bacterial diseases such as influenza, respiratory infections, etc., than those who get enough sleep. Balancing helps the body to avoid falling into hormonal disorders. In people who often stay up late or do not get enough sleep, the hormone is missing or unbalanced. In women who frequently stay up late causing menstrual disorders, an increased risk of uterine fibroids, gastric mucosal cells can regenerate and recover at night during sleep. Staying up late causes these cells not to rest, leading to weakness. Moreover, staying up late causes the gastric juice to secrete, leading to peptic ulcer disease if prolonged or aggravating the condition if it has been done before.

Therefore, we should arrange work reasonably, avoid staying up late because staying up late is not good for health, please ensure your health in the best way.

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