Is eating chocolates healthy?


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Edgar Lopez answered

For many, chocolate is one of the most delicious sweets that can not be missing in your kitchen basket, but few know all the benefits it brings to our body. Although you may already know that it is healthy for the heart, according to one study, chocolate can be even more beneficial than we think. When Dutch scientists observed almost 500 men for fifteen years, they discovered that those who consumed more chocolates each day had 50% less risk of dying from a heart attack than those who consumed a smaller amount.

The scientists who conducted the experiment indicate that the antioxidants present in cocoa activate nitric oxide in the human body, an enzyme that relaxes blood flow, facilitating the fact that your heart spreads blood throughout the body. What is the most amazing discovery? The benefits are achieved by consuming only four grams of cocoa per day. So remember to consume at least a piece of chocolate while doing your daily activities.

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