What can I take for my allergy?


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Edgar Lopez answered

Thanks to the fact that our respiratory system is designed in a way that allows us to perform the necessary functions to take oxygen and to be able to live, even human beings do not have high efficiency air filters, this is why allergy pills are our best defense, and medications sold over the counter are more effective than those sold by prescription. Sometimes it is very difficult not to suffer from allergies, since the environment is full of bacteria that can cause them.

Researchers administered for two weeks to 58 patients with allergies 240 milligrams of OTC pseudoephedrine or 10 milligrams of Singulair, a prescription drug. Both relieved tearing and sneezing, but the first one eliminated nasal congestion better. "The OTC medication does not cause any of the known side effects, such as anxiety and insomnia," say the doctors responsible for the study. To reduce the risk of side effects, pseudoephedrine should be taken in the morning when getting up after sleeping.

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