Is chronic high blood pressure caused by work stress?


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Edgar Lopez answered

For those people who suffer from high blood pressure, this is a question that must be answered. Medical specialists indicate that, although they are certainly linked at some point, work stress is not responsible for chronic high blood pressure. . Medical specialists have discovered that the evidence on the increase in blood pressure as a result of daily work stress is very inconsistent.

In addition, it has been shown that a reduction in stress does not correspond to a decrease in pressure. It is true that a very stressful factor, such as having an interview with the boss, can cause the pressure to increase for minutes or even hours; However, this type of increase does not seem to have a clear relationship between work stress and heart disease.

Then it can be said that, when a person who has a stable job and has high blood pressure, should not assume the typical position that is a consequence of the job. It is advisable to go to the doctor.

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