Is it possible to relieve my body's ailments with the mind?


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Edgar Lopez answered

Today I want to share part of my experience in relation to the issue of relieving our body with mental power. Sometimes we don't know, but our brain is a doctor, who has medicinal abilities.

Laughter is a key element to relieve some discomforts related to allergies, when I read this I did not take it seriously, but I used it as a test and it worked, when I felt allergic for some reason, I looked for something that could cause my laughter and without a doubt they managed to reduce allergy.

Another activity that has helped me is visualization, that is, if we visualize ourselves in our mind executing a certain activity, there is a high probability of doing well. In my case, it was a muscle injury in the right leg, after the medical diagnosis, I visualized myself doing the corresponding therapy and exercises and doing this I was able to gain confidence, then by performing the exercises recommended by the doctor, I could eliminate the muscle injury. So, if we propose, our mind can give us its own medicine to help relieve and repair the ailments in which we are suffering.

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