Can I find out if I have diabetes?


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Edgar Lopez answered

Many people who are athletes can spend part of their lives without knowing they have diabetes, this is a disease that usually appears in childhood. Specialists indicate that the symptoms may not be obvious if the person is an athlete.

Here are some of the signs that may be indicating that a person is suffering from diabetes, and should see a doctor.

In your body, if you feel thirsty and want to urinate frequently, this is because the kidneys can not perform their work, that is, filter and absorb excess blood sugar, so you start to dehydrate, so you take more water (and more urine). Doctors indicate that if you drink a lot and you don't lose your thirst anyway, this is a sign of something serious. The loss of weight and fatigue is due to the fact that without insulin, food sugar does not reach the cells, therefore your muscle and fat reserve decrease.

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