Do you feel nauseous after doing heavy routines?


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Edgar Lopez answered

When we are exercising our body we must take into account if we have eaten minutes before performing the exercise. If you take your body to the limit, the blood will move away from the stomach to the muscles you work to meet the oxygen demand. It also decreases digestion and food will stir in your stomach, which causes some nausea. This is why it is recommended to wait between three or four hours after eating to start your routines.

It is very common that many people who are not accustomed to exercise may experience nausea, this because they are not in good physical condition. If you start feeling this way you should not stop the exercise suddenly. It is preferable that you decrease the intensity for your body to cool.

If you consume drinks with electrolytes during your exercise, opt for those that contain a concentration of carbohydrates less than eight percent, since they take longer to be digested and it is possible and may cause discomfort in the intestines.

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