What bread is good for health ?


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Іра Озаринська answered

I want to recommend the bread about which to me the lecture was read by the doctor ....many dietitians recommend rye bread but not everyone to their liking and not everyone in their pocket .... People with diabetes are generally contraindicated to eat white bread because, as the doctor says white bread is white death, but in our time there is a very large selection of bread and one of the most popular oatmeal bread is but no less useful. Usually, it is baked with a combination of oatmeal and wheat flour, so it turns out tasty, loose and not too dried up.Another interesting fact is that oatmeal contains soluble fiber, which is very useful for controlling elevated cholesterol levels. Rye bread is probably the best of all kinds of bread. This is an incredibly delicious bread, the wonderful taste of which is perfectly combined with both sweet and salty food. It's great for breakfast. A piece of rye bread with orange juice will give you the energy you need, a dose of fiber and vitamins. It contains the most fiber and nutrients. Rye bread is an incredible combination of iron and vitamins B, which takes care of your health and the health of your loved ones. I occasionally added rye bread to the diet lost weight in a month to 5 kg, this is without any diet.listen to my words in half a year I lost in weight of 30 kg and it's all thanks to black bread ... white I do not use any more

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Salvador Ferrer answered

Oatmeal Bread is one of the healthiest breads. Because of its high fiber level, it is recommended to reduce cholesterol and also to prevent colon cancer.

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