Can I do muscles at home?


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Edgar Lopez answered

Sometimes, time, money or not having a membership in a gym are the excuses for not improving our muscles and this makes us believe that to have an athletic and marked body we need to spend hours in a gym and use all kinds of devices, but it's not like that. It is very feasible to enjoy the benefits of exercise and build muscle mass from the comfort of your home. Don't you have dumbbells or gadgets? Do not worry, it is enough with the same weight of your body, elastic bands and a little imagination, this equipment that is required is simple to handle, cheap and can even be taken anywhere.

The training plan would be to do one to three exercises per muscle group. Each of them must be different from the other. Maybe in one you use the elastic bands, another will depend more on the coordination and in the last one you use the weight of your body. The routines must be executed in superset, that is, one exercise after another without rest between them and a limited time must be set to complete the series (30 seconds) in this way your heart rate will be working and burning fat at the same time as your You are in charge of improving your movements and increasing your muscle mass.

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Vishenka Sladkaya answered

probably, if you do regular excersises and eat the right food

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