What kind of food is better for diabetics?


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Vitalik Strong answered

The main point of a diet of diabetes is to eat at least 5 times a day at certain times.COMPLETELY EXCLUDE FROM THE MENU: Sugar, confectionery, boil, peeled rice, high quality flour pasta, pickles, sweet fruit juices, melons, grapes, all dried fruits, jam, spicy, salty and smoked dishes, alcohol, bananas.

VERY LIMITED: butter, sour cream, mayonnaise, vegetable fats, fructose, honey, confectionery products on sugar substitutes (best based on stevia), white bread flour, hard cheeses, potatoes (allowed cooked), roast meals, meat and fish soup. It is desirable to minimize any porridge, and it is better to slightly bake the buckwheat or simply to fill it with water at night, and to warm slightly in the morning before use.It is possible to live, but not to eat: oat and buckwheat (in soups), non-lean meats and fish, dairy products, rye bread, vegetables (sorrel, cabbage, beets, onions, carrots, garlic, salad greens, legumes), sour and sweet and sour fruits and berries, black bread.

Soups are allowed on a vegetable broth or on a weak meat broth, cooked lean meat.Dishes should contain enough fiber. The most favorable for use is food with a temperature of about 24 degrees. People with a body weight of 50-60 kg should drink a daily dose of 1.5 liters of water. If diseases of the joints are added to diabetes, the rate of use of water should be increased to 2 liters (as well as people with a body weight of more than 70 kg).

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Ebrahim Aymab answered

يستثنى من القائمة: السكر ، الحلويات ، الغليان ، الأرز المقشر ، المعكرونة عالية الجودة ، المخللات ، عصائر الفاكهة الحلوة ، البطيخ ، العنب ، جميع الفواكه المجففة ، المربى ، التوابل ، الأطباق المالحة والمدخنة ، الكحول.VERY LIMITED: الزبدة والقشدة الحامضة والمايونيز والدهون النباتية والفركتوز والعسل ومنتجات الحلويات على بدائل السكر (الأفضل على أساس ستيفيا) ودقيق الخبز الأبيض والجبن الصلب والبطاطا (المسموح به المطبوخ) والوجبات المشوية واللحوم والأسماك

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zeeshee00009 zeeshee00009 answered

Есть много продуктов. Вы можете использовать, если у вас диабет. Жирная рыба. Листовые зеленые овощи. Яйца. Семена чиа. Греческий йогурт. Гайки. Оливковое масло первого отжима. Льняное семя. Яблочный уксус. Земляника. Чеснок. Физические упражнения имеют важное значение для поддержания здоровья больного диабетом.

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