Can I get a disease in the toilets?


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Edgar Lopez answered

On my annual visit to the doctor, I asked him this question, the doctor smiled and told me that I didn't have to worry. According to the doctor's explanation, the toilet should be the least of my worries, this is because there are no major diseases that can be transmitted through the anus. After the doctor's response, I decided to investigate. To my surprise, there are studies that indicate that the toilet is one of the cleanest places according to the small amount of bacteria they contain, in contrast to the handset of an office telephone.

This same study indicates that faucets and water sinks are the dirtiest places in bathrooms, this is because all the hands that touch these sites are full of germs. Therefore, I conclude that most harmful agents accumulate in the hands of people during daily use and do not have them when the toilet is used. As a recommendation to avoid getting diseases, we should wash our hands properly and use a clean paper towel before leaving the bathroom.

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