Is canned food harmful?


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Edgar Lopez answered

Sometimes we believe that if a canned food is junk, I really think not, the nutritional value of these canned foods should be similar to fresh, cooked or frozen foods. This is because once the food is in the cans and these are sealed, they must pass through heat sterilizing effects and the food can retain its nutrients and quality for up to two years, except if an air leak occurs .

Although hard to believe, most canned foods do not contain preservatives. If the food canned quickly after being harvested, it will conserve nutrients at their optimum point. For me it is a good option in my diet, to make a mixture of canned and fresh foods, for a good optimal diet, of course it all depends on the options and tastes of each person. In general I recommend checking the labels of the cans and avoiding those that contain sodium or preservatives.

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