Why should I use a kettlebell for arm exercises?


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Edgar Lopez answered

Most people who attend the gym use dumbbells to exercise their arms, but there are men who prefer them Russian, in terms of weightlifting. Use a kettlebell when you want to work in an isolated arm and double your earnings, compared to working with a dumbbell, according to scholars at Georgetown University in the United States. This is because the shape of the weight forces your core to work harder.

The following routine will help you increase the muscle development of your arms.First: Take a kettlebell with your right hand and stand while holding it in front of you, below the knees.Second: In a single movement, jump and throw the weight over the head while keeping it close to the body (as if you wanted to touch the ceiling).Third: Land with your knees slightly bent and your arms raised. Fourth: lower the weight and repeat three to five times with each arm.

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