Are there alternatives against migraine?


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Edgar Lopez answered

Headache or migraine are extremely uncomfortable, since when we have one of these pains we feel a discomfort in the whole body, which affects the shape of our behavior, causing almost any situation around us to create a nuisance and increase the discomfort and pain. This condition can get worse with light, sounds, smells, exercise and even with daily physical activities. In addition there may be nausea, with or without vomiting. The National Institute of Health in the United States, concluded that, in addition to pain relievers and medications that help eliminate migraine, acupuncture could control your symptoms.

Also, an analysis published by researchers revealed that the combination of yoga, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques reduces the frequency and intensity of migraine. Medicinal plant-based remedies, such as butterbur root extract, may also work. It is advisable to have some medication on hand and find a quiet place where you can lie down and rest until the pain passes.

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