Does pressing back using acupuncture really relieve pain?


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Edgar Lopez answered

I have always suffered from back pain, something that happened to me by using bad positions at night while sleeping, I tried acupuncture and really felt the improvement, so I decided to know more about this technique. Apparently, there is no switch that you can go to activate it and eliminate that uncomfortable back pain, but perhaps if there is a "power off" button. Acupuncture is more effective than physical therapy to relieve back pain, according to studies published by specialists. After having submitted 129 patients with back pain to six sessions of acupuncture or physical therapy, the researchers determined that, although both treatments offer similar pain relief in the short term, those who underwent acupuncture suffered 89 % less pain after six months, compared to people who were treated with physical therapy.

What is the secret? It is quite likely that acupuncture helps reduce pain by increasing blood flow to the affected area, thereby releasing a series of endorphins (which relieve pain naturally) and relaxing in the same way the muscle tissue that is tense.

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