Can treadmills affect my knees?


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Edgar Lopez answered

If you are one of the people who do not go for a walk outdoors, but use treadmills, you do not suffer any risk; you just have to take into account the speed you adjust in the machine. Walking at a fast pace can damage your knees. Scientists at the University of Colorado, in the United States, found that obese people have 51% more knee twisting than thin ones, which increases the risk of arthritis.

"The obese take longer steps when walking, which stresses the joints," explains Dr. Ray Browning, author of this research. But there is no need for you to disconnect your treadmill, as the specialists determined that if you lower the speed to five kilometers per hour, you keep the tension in the knees within the safe limits. Treadmills have several functions to improve your aerobic performance and physical resistance, so you can compensate for the decrease in speed with the inclined ramp function, to achieve greater intensity.

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