How can I keep fit, if I suffer from bursitis in my knee?


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Edgar Lopez answered

Bursitis is a very common knee injury and if we play sports it can be very uncomfortable to exercise. With the following that I will explain, that good condition you want will be specifically muscular, so your injured leg will have to keep up. Make a circuit for the upper body, which includes bench press, side pulleys, seated rowing and military press.

Do between eight and 12 repetitions in each one without resting between each device. Rest two minutes after completing all four exercises and do the circuit five times. When you do 12 repetitions in each one, increase the weight. You can work the healthy leg with individual extensions and flexions for the leg, as there are studies that show that the conditioning in one leg has an effect on the other, although not in the same magnitude. I also recommend that you use the ergometer, that curious device in some gyms that looks like a bicycle and with which the upper body is worked.

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