Do electronic sports really exist?


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Edgar Lopez answered

I always played video games, I remember when I had PlayStation 4 for the first time, Woooaooo was amazing !!!! I loved adventure games and focused only on these games, until a friend invited me to play an online shooting game, the popular CallOfDuty! At first, it didn't attract me much, but then I started playing with players from other countries and the enthusiasm for online competitions grew. From there, I participated in several online tournaments, and in these tournaments I learned about electronic sports, these electronic sports have existed for a long time, but their boom has increased considerably due to the progress of technology and communications worldwide . In general, this electronic sport is a championship in which professional video game players compete for economic prizes, but above all for the prestige of victory! And this is where video game fans, like me, enjoy watching live streams of electronic sports. As in any traditional sport, it is necessary for the player to be in good physical condition, since reflexes need speed to resist strong stress, comply with the best strategy, focus on the maximum, because an error can end the competition. In any case, I share this experience, because I know that for some people it is difficult to understand the importance of electronic sports.

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Vishenka Sladkaya answered

I dunno, I ve never played but I think yes, it is!

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