Can I get drunk if I mix Vodka with an energy drink?


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Edgar Lopez answered

When you drink your next energy drink with vodka, try to walk straight before ordering the next one. It is common that if we are in a meeting of friends or in a bar, alcoholic beverages are consumed and there is always a person who wants to mix their drink. The caffeine contained in energy drinks does not counteract the intoxicating effects of alcohol, according to research conducted in the country of Brazil, South America. In the study, men became less drunk after drinking vodka with energy drinks, compared to those who drank vodka alone.

But the sobriety tests showed the opposite: their motor skills (coordination and reaction times) were as affected as with the consumption of the alcoholic beverage alone; We must consider this point before testing the other motor skills. Specialists in the study conducted indicate that mixing alcoholic beverages with energy drinks can make you feel less intoxicated and can also cause you to drink more, which increases the chances of suffering an accident related to alcohol consumption.

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