Is it bad to eat turkey ham after a gelatinous substance forms?


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Edgar Lopez answered

At breakfast or dinner, it is very common to see that some people do it by eating a slice of bread with turkey ham, but sometimes after having spent some time in the fridge, a jelly substance begins to form in it, the truth is that if you pass the aroma test it is ready to be consumed.

. It is the strong smell, not the gelatinous substance, which indicates that turkey ham has been damaged. So why is that gelatinous substance formed? Well, this happens because the gelatin is produced by lacto bacilli that feast on the sugar that some companies add to flavor. But if lacto bacilli multiply to the point of producing odor, there is a chance that other types of bacteria responsible for foodborne illnesses reproduce.

So if you want to avoid such situations, buy packaged turkey ham, the one sold to you at the counter is more likely to develop bacteria. The one that comes sliced ​​and packaged is also preheated, and can last up to seven days after it is opened.

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