Which countries get the most Chinese investment?


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Yagublu answered

According to American Enterprise Institute, from 2010 to 2017 China invested 1.65 trillion dollars to foreign countries. The most investments received 1.USA (172 billion),  2.Australia (101 billion), 3.Switzerland (58 billion) 4.Brazil (52 billion) 5.Pakistan (49 billion). During this time main sectors of Chinese investment were Energy (630 billion), Transportation (305 billion), Real Estate (164 billion).

If we take a look just 2017 chart would be a little bit different: 1.Switzerland (43 billion), 2.USA (18 billion), 3.Australia (6.3 billion) 4. Russia (5.8 billion) 5.Argentina (5.1 billion).  If we take a look at sector based ranking of chinese investments in 2017, we get following results: 1.Agriculture (41 billion), 2.Transport (34 billion), 3.Energy (24 billion). As we can see Chinese started heavily investing in agriculture last year.

There is also another research about which USA states gets most of investments during 2010-2016: 1.California (25.5 billion), 2.New York (15.5 billion), 3.Illinois (9.4 billion) 4.Texas (7.1 billion), 5.North Carolina (4.7 billion). It's worth noting that Chinese investments in US fell by 50% in 2017. Some policy makers want to ban Chinese investments, but overall economy have position impact from those investments.

Some economies - like European Union put extra regulations and hurdles when it comes to Chinese investment. Especially Germany is acting against interest of smaller European states, which makes it harder them to cooperate with China.

One of many examples of Chinese investments are in Angola where china built railroads and ports,  many chinese people were working on construction. As a result Angolan GDP rose from 6 billion in 1999 to 126 billion in 2014. Angola improved economy more than 2000% in just 15 years.

Also there is ongoing initiative called "One belt one road", which will connect China to rest of Euroasia and Africa with high speed transport. There is some estimates that China will invest 4 to 8 billion dollars to this project during next decade.

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