Why should I take care of the scalp?


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Edgar Lopez answered

When people are taking a shower, they use cleaning products to wash their hair, and thus have a pleasant appearance and in turn keep the scalp clean, so it seems that it is enough, but we should visit the hairdresser before the next appointment with the dermatologist, because a lethal variety of skin cancer could be hidden under the hair. When specialists from the University of North Carolina in the United States reviewed more than 45,000 cases of melanoma, they discovered that people with scalp cancer were 84 percent more at risk of dying from the disease than those with melanoma at any time another part of the body.

This could be because in the head where the skin that has attached the hair is consistently loaded with blood vessels that can quickly disperse cancer cells through other organs. "So help your doctor and have your hair cut so he can more easily observe your scalp," advises Dr. Nancy Thomas, author of the study.

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