Which vitamin prevents respiratory diseases?


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Edgar Lopez answered

Finnish scholars discovered that vitamin D can prevent you from getting sick. In a study with 756 men, they found that those with the lowest levels of this vitamin took twice as many days free of disease from respiratory problems, compared to those without a deficiency. This is because vitamin D stimulates the production of chemicals in the respiratory tract (such as antibiotics), which helps destroy bacteria before they can cause damage, explains Dr. IIkka Laaksi, author of the study.

Harvard doctors, in the United States, recommend a daily consumption of 1000 international units of vitamin D. Another defense we have is the consumption of coffee, since it can prevent clogged arteries. While analyzing the cholesterol levels of 10 coffee drinkers, Swiss specialists discovered that LDL particles absorbed coffee antioxidants. As a result, "LDL is 20% less likely to become an oxidized form of bad cholesterol that results in plaque," says Dr. Criatina Scaccini, author of the analysis. The limit is three cups a day.

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