Why should I invest in cryptocurrencies?


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Edgar Lopez answered

For many people, everything related to "cryptocurrencies" is unknown, although they already have enough time in our socio-economic environment. Cryptocurrencies are electronic currencies that are encrypted and decentralized, that is, they can be sold over the Internet among users without bank restrictions on paper money (money used by countries, currencies, accounts). The most famous cryptocurrencies are bitcoin, ethereum, lightcoin, dashcoin, bitcoinCash, Monero, Dogecoin, etc. These cryptocurrencies are subject to a system that allows it to be transferred to paper money using exchangers on the Internet. These cryptocurrencies can be obtained by buying them on Internet pages, also using special equipment that "performs the mining" of a certain cryptocurrency, also using Internet pages that provide cryptocurrencies for performing certain actions or tasks. Consequently, cryptocurrencies can be obtained using various means, and then they can be exchanged for paper money and, therefore, used to pay for public services. For all the above, it would be good to investigate these currencies and decide whether it is profitable or not to invest using cryptocurrencies.

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