Why do men need nipples?


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Nikita Samsonov answered

Many scientists have been working on this puzzle for many years. However, there are still opinions. One group believes that these organs are the remnants of undeveloped female Boobs, while others believe that this is a genetic flaw in men. Both of these groups are not completely right. Let's look at these 2 options.

1 option: Male nipples-part of unfinished female Boobs. And it is true that if a man wants to change his gender – he just needs to take special hormones that will increase his chest, and he will be able to resemble a woman's Breasts. In addition, his behavior and logic will be changed to the female side.

Option 2: Male nipples are a genetic error. But it's true-why do men need nipples? Even if a man's breast is large – it is unlikely to produce breast milk, which is necessary for the baby's nutrition. So why do men need such an insufficiently developed part of the body?

Scientists from group 1 again divided their theory in two: the first believed that Boobs are only needed for appearance, and the second began to believe that when a woman looks at men's nipples - it excites her and the similarity of men's nipples reminds her of her own. In addition, you can see additional receptors on the nipples, stroking which can excite a man.

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