How much chemistry do you have with your girlfriend?


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Edgar Lopez answered

This is a question you should always keep in mind. On this occasion I will present two situations for you to do your evaluation. She is aroused slowly, but you want everything accelerated: it is true that women require more time to get excited. "But it takes much less than they think," says Scott Haltzman, author of The Secrets of Hapily Married Men. Create the situation: if you insist with the idea that it is excited, it can happen faster. Tell her that her nipples have hardened and she is wet. Your brain will send the signals to your body and begin to feel the desire automatically.

You like dirty language, but she is shy: the fact that she keeps quiet does not mean that she is closed to some sexual language. You may not like to surrender to obscene language because it sends your mind far away from your body and its sensations. But you probably enjoy your sexual words. Tell him various things. While you attack her with the whispers you can ask her what you want her to do.

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