Why does my girlfriend want to do the same things I do?


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Edgar Lopez answered

If you are starting a romantic relationship or you already have time with your partner and you think that your girlfriend is imitating you to annoy or to learn your activities and be independent of you, you may be wrong. Women imitate your movements when they are attracted to you, according to Dutch scholars. During their analysis, the specialists observed the flirting of couples of strangers, and discovered that the more attracted a woman was to a man, the more imitation of her movements and changes of position, unconsciously. "Mime is an automatic response when someone likes us, and acts as a social glue," describes Ischa Van Straaten, head of the study.

This process seems to work in both directions, that is, for both women and men, to imitate certain behaviors or parental positions, being used as a way of attracting the attention of the person to whom they are attracted. So, rather consider it a compliment and take advantage of the situation to strengthen your love relationship.

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