Are there reversible contraceptives for men?


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Edgar Lopez answered

Exists. Hormonal contraception for men ranges in a range of effectiveness of 97 and 100%. With this method, sperm from ejaculation is eliminated or sperm levels are reduced to such a low level that contraception (a method for sexually active individuals that prevents pregnancy) is possible. . This hormonal procedure offers an alternative to condoms, interrupted intercourse or vasectomy, with the advantage that some contraceptive treatments do not have the same level of effectiveness or are not so easy to reverse.

In fact, in a study conducted, the reversibility of this hormonal process was demonstrated. The specialists reviewed the results of 30 studies to determine the time it takes for sperm to reach a concentration of 20 million per millimeter, the fertility indicator. The odds of such concentration are 67% at six months after discontinuation of the method, 90% at 12 months, 96% at 16 and 100% at 24 months. So it is worth knowing that this option exists.

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