What type of amino acid can I consume to build muscles?


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Edgar Lopez answered

I am a lover of the healthy body, I exercise and I like to share what I have learned by doing this activity. The first thing you should know is that consuming amino acids immediately after exercising stimulates the protein synthesis of muscle, which translates into the development of muscle mass. Then we should know what we can consume after exercising, however it was not specified what food could help muscle development.

I was researching and found that the specialists studied milk, which contains high levels of amino acid. The specialists analyzed whether drinking milk had the same effect as direct consumption of amino acids, these in the form of supplements or powder. Two groups of participants were taken and after the exercise routine they consumed whole milk and nonfat milk. Muscle protein synthesis occurred at significant levels in the group that consumed whole milk. In this way I could verify that if I consume whole milk I will get better results, just as I want it.

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