What is the best drink for muscle development?


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Edgar Lopez answered

Before starting your weight training routine, you should have a supplement that improves or speeds up your muscle development. A cocktail of protein, carbohydrates and creatine can help you build muscle power faster, according to Australian specialists. The men who consumed this mixture during 10 weeks of weight training developed 69 percent more muscles than those who only ingested protein and carbohydrates, says Dr. Alan Hayes, author of the study.

The magic formula is: 40 grams of both carbohydrates and protein plus five creatine. Divide it into two equal parts a day and take one after your routine. And so training with weights, in addition to developing muscles faster, you can also stimulate yourself mentally, say scientists at the University of Georgia, in the United States. In one study, sedentary people who claimed to feel tired reported much more energy after performing a weight routine. Exercise can cause the brain to release chemicals that improve mood, which in turn can trigger increased strength.

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