Why do men always behave like children?


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Edgar Lopez answered

It is only a matter of nature. Let's look at it this way: While a 13-year-old boy thinks about playing soccer, watching cartoons, playing video games or anything similar, a girl of the same age is already starting to wear a bra and begins to put on makeup. Women by culture and idiosyncrasy are educated to become adults long before men. The man is always under the protection of a woman (whoever: mother, girlfriend, sister), if he gets sick, let's say, with the flu, he doesn't get out of bed, he doesn't go to work and asks one of them to Call the boss to justify your absence from work.

Boys love action, adventure and competition. While as children they play with bows and arrows, we kick balls, when they are adults, the excitement of doing similar things continues within them. Every man competes with another man. It is testosterone that governs them. Man must instinctively demonstrate that he is the strongest. That is why in contact sports, competitive sports and even video games, they need to make themselves known. You better learn to understand that men are eternal children.

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