What hormonal advantage do women have?


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Edgar Lopez answered

Men and women have obvious characteristics that, at first glance, distinguish them from each other, in men they can be the beard, the mustache and in women they are the breasts and the hips or buttocks, part of this is because they biologically present different hormonal developments. For example, women have an integrated defense mechanism against kidney disease, according to a study by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the United States. Scholars found that estrogen reduces kidney wear and blocks harmful growth factors that can accelerate damage, which would give them an advantage.

Another characteristic that can be considered advantageous in women, is that they constantly keep facts in their memory. Specialists conducted studies and found that the reason why women always return to past lawsuits is that they are more likely than men to believe that past discussions predict future problems. This tendency can increase your anxiety around the relationship and this should certainly not be seen as an advantage for anyone.

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