Why do couples fight in marriage?


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Edgar Lopez answered

If both are already living together, they have realized that living as a couple as married is not an easy decision, considering that you will share the same roof with a person and you must learn their customs, their advantages and disadvantages. One caveat: marriage problems tend to start from the third year, according to a recent study by the University of Southern California, in the United States.

Specialists speculate that this is because when two people go to live together, they lose contact with friends and family. "Married people often focus all their happiness and misery on their partner, which over time can stress the relationship," explains Dr. Nelly Musick, author of the research.

. One suggestion for the married couple is that they schedule one night a week for them separately, that is, that each have their own time and reflect on their behavior or simply relax and enjoy their moment of individuality.

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