Is there a real benefit of studying among several people?


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Edgar Lopez answered

In school, all final research must be done as a team, but some students prefer to work alone, because they have the idea that they concentrate more and can perform better. In studies conducted, the researchers divided individuals into groups, groups of two, three, four and five students to develop two series of problems on decoding letters and numbers. Broadly speaking, the first 10 letters of the alphabet were randomly assigned to numbers from zero to nine. Students had to identify which letter was related to what number in some tests. Groups of three, four and five students achieved better test results than the best students, who solved the questions individually. The large groups also performed well, suggesting that the minimum set of students to solve complex problems is three. The two-person teams showed no progress compared to the individuals who worked alone.

In conclusion, the results imply, for scientists, that student groups have better progress compared to brighter students.

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