What happens when you quit smoking?


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Edgar Lopez answered

From that moment I stopped smoking, I eliminated that hellish herb from my head and that nicotine that hurts my heart so much, then I began to notice that my heartbeat was not so fast and my pulse returned to normal, so the chances of a decreased heart attack.

When eating I enjoy more of the meals and their flavors, that is, it improved the sense of taste and smell, I really did not know everything I was missing. But what I liked most about quitting was breathing! While smoking, my lungs looked like a smoke kettle, now I don't have the irritating feeling when breathing, now it's something relaxing, just natural.

The only unpleasant thing about quitting smoking is that anxiety, the moment I quit smoking I began to feel tired and anxious, when I faced these anxiety attacks I drank a lot of water, so I was able to suppress the anxiety. I recommend that when you stop smoking, check your blood pressure and see if there is a problem.

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