What should I do to agree in an argument with my wife?


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Edgar Lopez answered

First step: When you start an argument, let it interrupt you. Once she finishes her "litany," state your arguments. For sure the first few times will interrupt you. Shut up and let her continue arguing (with herself) when she finishes again, say "I hope this time you give me the opportunity to explain myself and I ask you not to interrupt me as I did not." That was the end of you to keep quiet.

Second step: You should avoid blaming her. Don't bring up your mistakes for defending yourself. Be more mature than her. Using the "yes I did, but you too and more" is a childish and useless technique. It will only lead them to hurt themselves and ignite their anger. Third step: Detect the ego. It is almost always what forces you to not accept your responsibility, because most of us go out on the tangent and look for ways to share the responsibility of our actions with someone else. Take care of your actions and you will change the landscape.

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