What to do when mom takes care of baby with fever?


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Natalie Smith answered

Fever is a common phenomenon among young children whether it is sunny or rainy. Therefore, mothers need to be equipped with knowledge to respond promptly to avoid unfortunate consequences.

In case of mild fever, children should be kept in a well-ventilated area without wind, wear cool clothes, regularly monitor body temperature and drink plenty of water.For cases of moderate fever, children can take antipyretic drugs, wipe children with warm water at temperatures lower than 2 degrees Celsius compared to body temperature. Never use cold water, alcohol or vinegar to clean the baby.For cases of high and very high fever, use the above measures to temporarily reduce fever. If your baby is vomiting and can't take medication, anal suppressants may be used. Then take your baby to the nearest medical facilityDiagnosis can be made easily by measuring the temperature, but it is important to find the cause of the fever to plan treatment for the baby. When children have a fever, it is best to take them to health facilities for timely examination, diagnosis and treatment.

Hopefully, with this article, mothers know how to take care of their children with the right fever. Wishing you a healthy mother!

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