What is the healthiest way to consume meat?


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Edgar Lopez answered

Meat is one of the tastiest food dishes we can eat (it is my personal opinion) and sometimes we simply consume it and we can think that all kinds of meat can taste the same. It is a matter of quality. Argentine meat Agnus Aberdeen, for example, offers some of the best cuts worldwide, as this cattle feeds freely on pastures and does not need hormones.

This is why the meat contains 10% less cholesterol and 25% less intramuscular fat, compared to American and English. The next best option is organic meat from England. A pan with grill design is by far the best utensil for cooking meat, as it leaves it low in fat and caramelized. Heat the pan almost to the point where it smokes, but do not add oil, it is better to spread a small amount of extra virgin olive oil on the meat and turn it when you release the juice.

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