Is it dangerous for the heart to consume liquor and also exercise?


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Edgar Lopez answered

There are people who are very active, who exercise and participate in local sports competitions, but some of these people also have the habit of consuming liquor, maintaining both activities in their daily lives. Surprisingly, little is known about how and why digested alcohol products cause toxic effects. However, there is not enough evidence to show that exercise increases the rate at which the liver metabolizes alcohol. At least the gym distracts your attention from headache and nausea.

The good thing is that there is very little chance of having a heart attack, unless you have a predisposition to suffer heart problems. In some people, drinking too much alcohol increases the risk of arrhythmia. The best antidote is to drink water and juice at night, and carbohydrates at least two hours before going to the gym. If you are running an exercise routine and start feeling dizzy, stop and rest.

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