Are there exercises to be better in bed?


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Edgar Lopez answered

This is the question that many men ask themselves and almost always resort to non-functional practices. Kegels, cardio and abdominal exercises are the three cornerstones. Kegel exercises help strengthen the group of muscles that are in the pelvic region. According to sex experts, "several studies have proven that the basic one-hour cardio session three times a week will improve your ability to stay hard enough."

Do the following Kegel exercise to delay the big bang: inhale and squeeze the muscles you use when you stop the flow of urine in the middle of urination. Hold on for a couple of seconds and exhale deeply. Start a series of 10 repetitions and do several throughout the day. The next time you are about to reach orgasm, contract the same muscles just before and relax. That way you won't ejaculate when the party starts and your sexual health will improve every day.

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