Is a solo orgasm healthy?


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Edgar Lopez answered

According to science no, (although for some people it is their only option). Making love is better than masturbating, researchers say. One study found that orgasms during intercourse are four times more satisfying than those that result from masturbation. The researchers took blood samples after the participants experienced ejaculation and measured prolactin levels, which is responsible for producing pleasure in our body. The result indicated that after a sexual relationship the levels are higher compared to those of masturbation.

The complete physiological experience of intercourse (and perhaps also the emotional component of being with a partner) explains the difference, say the doctors who wrote the study. The increase in prolactin is perhaps also the way in which evolution "differentiates a potentially reproductive activity from another that is not." To improve your orgasms, get a partner that attracts you physically and emotionally, relax and achieve a mutual agreement in the relationship. And above all make sure she is in bed next to you. Good luck.

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