Does stress cause you to eat candy?


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Edgar Lopez answered

In the activities of the day, such as going to work, taking care of children, shopping or even watching a movie, situations can arise in which we can generate stress and in turn this creates a feeling of anxiety. It is not your imagination: stress causes eating sweets, according to research. In the study, the scientists offered groups of stressed people four containers with different snacks: chips, peanuts, grapes and chocolates.

Although everyone ate the same amount of potatoes and peanuts, the stressed participants ate five times more chocolates and four times less grapes than their more relaxed counterparts. One likely reason is that foods high in simple sugar, such as caramel, increase serotonin levels, a chemical that is in your brain and makes you feel good. The problem is that it makes you feel good momentarily, but it does not reduce stress. Instead, you must control your stress and your weight at the same time; The most advisable thing is that you exercise your body daily and thus reduce the chances of having stress.

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