What is the best strategy in the swimming stage of a triathlon?


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Edgar Lopez answered

Participating in a triathlon competition requires a lot of training to have an exceptional physical condition, but not all is physical training, you should also know the strategies to use at each stage of the triathlon and even better if these strategies are based on scientific statistics. It is not worth starting with all the energies during a triathlon swim, because you can save energy in the water if you stay close to the group of swimmers.

After a series of laboratory tests, Portuguese scientists concluded that a swimmer who stays 60 centimeters behind the kicks of another athlete experiences 44 percent less resistance through the water. What's more, you can reach another triathlete by being up to six meters behind him and also reducing the resistance by 16 percent. "You will maintain a higher overall career pace, because you will be saving energy," says Dr. José Silva, lead author of the study. Finally, this advice can help you a lot: the sooner you drink water after swimming, the faster you will be in the final race.

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