How can I improve my times in a triathlon?


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Edgar Lopez answered

Triathlon is a competition in which being slow and steady will not help you. To save several minutes in your final time and without hesitation, just follow these simple tips:

For the first phase, the most important thing is to wear a swimsuit faster, Australian specialists concluded that you will face 26% less resistance through the water if you wear a swimsuit composed of elastane, which can allow you a boost of I swim 5% faster.

In the second phase you need to reserve more energy, for this you must be a triathlete who swims 90% of its capacity and so you will arrive faster at the end of the cycling phase, you will achieve a faster 7% bike boost.

And in phase three, you must use intervals. Don't always go full steam. According to the University of Western Australia, five-minute intervals in training, in which you alternate between 80 and 100% effort, increase the power of the legs. This gives you a 30% more powerful step boost when running.

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