What healthy benefit does the pine tree have?


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Edgar Lopez answered

In the month of December, Christmas time, it is very common for people to only take a pine to decorate it with Christmas lights and gifts, but it may surprise the usefulness that can be obtained from its bark. A specific area of ​​pine bark has an extract called picnogenol, which can improve heart health, according to a study by the University of Arizona in the United States.

The scientists found that people with type 2 diabetes who took 125 milligrams of picnogenol, daily for three months, decreased their LDL cholesterol level 12 percent and fasting glucose 17 percent. Dr. Ross Watson, lead author of the study notes that "it inhibits intestinal enzymes that digest carbohydrates, and in this way dietary sugars enter the slower bloodstream." Then you know that apart from the pleasant smell that a pine tree has, it is also an ally of nature that offers an important component for the health of our body.

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