What can I do to avoid the flu in the winter?


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Edgar Lopez answered

In some countries the winter season affects the inhabitants, since the number of people who begin to suffer from allergies, sneezing and common colds is increased due to the change of season, this can be quite uncomfortable because you have nasal congestion and can cause headache. Some factors are out of your control; For example, the greater the number of people you come into contact with, the greater the number of viruses to which you are exposed, so the daily going to work, the gym or the classroom will always leave you exposed to catch a cold.

Take care of your diet, get enough rest and do not stress, because your immune system suffers. It works for several people to use herbs such as echinacea to prevent colds. Scholars at the University of Connecticut, in the United States, have found that a combination of vitamin C and echinacea reduces the incidence of colds by 86%. In the same way, avoid bathing at night or with very cold water.

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