What benefits can I have when consuming milk after exercising?


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Edgar Lopez answered

If you are a person who exercises and sometimes do not have energy supplements, this article should interest you.What do you look for after running? A glass of chocolate milk? Consider it next time. In studies carried out, it was concluded that chocolate milk is an effective drink after exercising, since it speeds up your recovery. Researchers at the University of Indiana asked nine men to exercise on a bicycle, rest for four hours and then return to exercise by bicycle until exhausted.

At the beginning of the rest period and then in the middle of this, they ingested milk with chocolate, a sports drink or one with carbohydrates. Those who drank chocolate milk or sports drink exercised on the bike for 54% longer than men who consumed the carbohydrate drink. In fact, the doctors who conducted the study are in favor of flavored milk, since chocolate contains antioxidants, and milk has carbohydrates, protein and fat, in addition to micro and macronutrients.

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